I’ll Take Him

Posted on February 10, 2011


The Twins organization is suprisingly open to the possibility of trading Francisco Liriano, according to Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Joe Christensen. As a devout Cubs fan and hopeless Liriano junkie, I just want to set forth in writing that, if the Twins do not want a left-handed ace who keeps the ball on the ground, strikes out a preposterous number iof batters and walks virtually none, then I will gladly have him in Cubbie blue pinstripes.

Liriano finished 11th in Cy Young voting in the Al last season, but belonged in the top six, and honestly, little outrage could have defensibly developed even if he had won. Health is a risk factor for him: I get that. Still, when healthy, Liriano is a monster: His 6.0 WAR last season was better than Zack Greinke or Jon Lester, and only narrowly behind Adam Wainwright and Felix Hernandez. Christensen (whom I normally like but who makes himself look patently stupid in this piece)thinks there is roughly zero chance of the Twins signing Liriano long-term. Hooray, says the rest of the AL Central.