Hit the ground running: My goals for this blog

Posted on October 29, 2010


Welcome, dear reader, if indeed this post finds one. My name is Matthew Trueblood.

I am a student, an aspiring journalist, a soon-to-be husband and baseball superfan. I am a son of the Land of Lincoln, but my family moved to Wisconsin in 1994 and I acquired a certain taste for the antics and accolades of the man who played quarterback in Green Bay in those days. Still, my father persevered to impart the joy of the Cubs onto me, and so I live in a constant state of hair-tugging, mind-numbing decay from the beginning to the end of each baseball season.

I said I want to be a journalist; it’s true. I love discussing sports and I love writing, and (just as importantly, perhaps) those two things make up the best of my skill set. I’ve started this blog in the hope of finding more inspiration to write daily, more freedom to write as I please and more of a challenge to create my own audience. I will not post something here unless it is of real concern to me, and I will post darn near whatever does concern me, at least insofar as those concerns fit into the primary focus of this blog, which is sports. I hope any readers I accumulate will allow me to indulge by making occasional forays into politics, media criticism or general news, but sports are my bread and butter and they will anchor my work here.

I hope you enjoy everything I am able to offer here, and that you will read my other work as it surfaces around the Web–especially on BleacherReport.com, where I am currently a college writing intern. I hope I give you something worthy of enjoyment.

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